Our Mission

To accelerate the search for Plasma donors and other helpful resources in the fight against COVID-19.


Most of us thought the COVID-19 pandemic had subsided by the time we reached March 2021. We experienced a sudden surge in cases in April 2021 and many of our close friends and relatives got infected by the pandemic. Unfortunately, some were in dire need of plasma therapy, but looking for a plasma donor had become extremely difficult. There were so many useful donor portals available, but we came across those portals only after a long & exhaustive Google search. During such desperate times, nobody should go through this ordeal. Hence, we felt that there is an urgent need for a resource which provides access to all the major Plasma donor portals to speed up the search for a Plasma donor. 

Watching the frontline workers work relentlessly to save lives while putting their own lives at risk was heart-wrenching but inspiring at the same time. The creation of this portal is our way of helping people in the fight against the pandemic. Join us in the fight against COVID-19. 
Wear a mask, get vaccinated and stay safe!

Yours truly,

Rise Against COVID,

A non-profit initiative